Doug Tiffin

DMin, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2241

William (Bill) Harris

Vice President of Operations & Director of Media Services
MA, Communication (School of Television and Film), Regent University; MA, Intercultural Studies, Columbia International University; MA, Organizational Leadership, Azusa Pacific University,
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2155

L. Rodney Jenkins

Vice President Finance
MBA, University of Central Oklahoma
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2340

Scott Berthiaume

Dean of Academic Affairs
PhD, University of Texas at Arlington
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2329

Meg Trihus

Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator
MA, University of Texas at Arlington
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2342

Richard E. Lynch

Director of Institutional Research & Services
MMus, Westminster Choir College
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2309

Jeff Minard

Director of Strategic Relationships
MBA, Pepperdine University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2324

Shelley Ashdown

Director of School Advancement
DMiss, Biola University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2072

Christine K. Harlan

MA in Biblical Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2437

David A. Ross

President Emeritus
PhD, Lehigh University
(972) 708-7340

Student Services

Stephen Nash

Director of Admissions
BA, Crown College
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2366

Lynne M. Lamiman

BA, LeTourneau University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2350

Stephen Peterson

Associate Dean of Students
BSBA, Thomas Edison State University

Maggie Johnson

VA Certifying Officer, International Student Coordinator
BA, University of Missouri at Columbia,
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2478

Kelly D. Walter

Admissions Representative
MA, University of Texas at Arlington
(972) 708-7415

William Cobb

Coordinator, VA Benefits
MA, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Margaret Johnson

Administrative Assistant to Student Services
MRE., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
(972) 708-7415

Ken Prettol

Financial Aid Administrator
MA, University of Texas at Arlington

John Oh

Interim Recruiting Director, Director of External Relationships
(323) 422-1453

Sheri McMillan

BA, University of West Florida,
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2368

Debbie Manter

Alumni Relations Coordinator
Diploma, Word of Life Bible Institute
(972) 708-7415


Wendy Payton

Acting Library Director
BS, Liberty University
(972) 708-7416

Barbara Thomas

Public Services Librarian
MSLIS, University of North Texas
(972) 708-7416

Carole Unseth

Library Assistant
BA, Dallas Baptist College
(972) 708-7416

Dorothy Buice

Reference Librarian
MSLIS, University of North Texas
(972) 708-7416

Glenna Sollenberger

BA, Southern Nazarene University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2341

Robert Sivigny

Reference Librarian
MLS, Simmons College
(972) 708-7416

Information Technology

Jonathan Dailey

Director of Information Technology
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2177

Chuck Walek

Information Technology Support Specialist
BS, University of Nebraska
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2367

Allan Johnson

Information Technology Support Specialist
BSEE, Washington State University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2439

Matt Long

Information Technology Support Specialist
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2364

Jim Grosso

Information Technology Support Specialist
MACE and MABS, Dallas Theological Seminary

Abby Farmer

Distance Education Instructional Designer
Ed.D. Jackson State University 2015, MA Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics 2010
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2219

Media Services

Eric Swanson

Distance Education Videographer
BA, Biola University

Center for Excellence in World Arts

Beth Argot

Associate Director of CEWA
DWS, The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies

Wendy Atkins

Arts and Trauma Healing Liaison (CEWA)
BMus, Houghton, College
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2405

Cory Cummins

Office Manager, Center for Excellence in World Arts, Worship Leader
(972) 708-7517

Kevin Calcote

Arts Specialist, Archivist
(214) 442-8538

School Staff

Valerie Rhodes

Special Assistant to the President
BS, Wheaton College
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2353

Jodi Egan

Jodi Egan

Human Resources Director
A.A., Stark Technical College
(972) 708-7340

Tricia Reiman

Development Administrative Coordinator
MA, University of Texas at Arlington
(972) 708-7552

Miranda Kuykendall

Development Officer
BA, Coastal Carolina University

Dan Boerger

Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Academic Affairs
MA, University of Texas at Arlington; MEE, University of Delaware

Paul W. Setter

Business Manager, Accounting Office
BS, University of Wisconsin at River Falls
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2466

Lisa Powell

Academic Advisor
MA, Chapman University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2381

Joshua Frost

Associate Chaplain
BA, University of Missouri

Mark Lambert

Academic Services Assistant
BS, Cornell University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2749

Isabel Warmka

Human Resources Assistant
BA, George Mason University

Daniel J Walton

Lead Accountant
BA in Business Management, LeTourneau University
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2369

Abby Farmer

Distance Education Instructional Designer
Ed.D. Jackson State University 2015, MA Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics 2010
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2219

Sarah Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Operations
BA, Dallas International University

Adrianna Henry

Administrative Assistant to the Chair of the Applied Linguistics Department
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2152

Abigail Morgret

CIS/AA Administrative Assistant
BA, Mid-Atlantic Christian University.
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2403

Carol Long

Coordinator of Distance Education Course Development
(972) 708-7340 ext. 2432