Volume XIV, Issue 10



Coming August 2022


With an ever-increasing number of global citizens contributing to the complexion of our societies, traditional programs in the social and political sciences lack a clear and pragmatic curriculum to provide the necessary skills for leaders in Global Migration and Diasporas (GM&D). Immigrants often originate from minority cultures and languages unknown outside of their political home countries and move to communities where the cultures, languages, belief systems, and artistic expressions differ from those represented in their home country. The new GM&D master’s degree draws on uniquely qualified DIU faculty with their experience in working among many smaller communities around the world to provide their students with the necessary conceptual and practical categories for successful work as leaders and advocates for global citizens.

This Master of Arts degree provides foundational education and training for a career in Global Migration and Diasporas. Human migration is a part of a historical narrative that is foundational to all cultures and countries worldwide. Today, over 240 million global citizens live outside their home countries, encountering specific and formidable challenges as they build a new way of life in a community much different than the one they left. The curriculum for this degree proposes ways to help migrants, refugees, and other displaced people address differences in linguistic, cultural, religious, and other beliefs, focusing on practical application under the auspices of one or more agencies dedicated to refugee issues.

The MA-GM&D program consists of 36 graduate semester hours and can be completed by most full-time students in two to three calendar years. The MA-GM&D coursework can be taken entirely online through Distance Education courses, through in-person classes on campus, or a combination of both. Students will also participate in a mentoring practicum, working alongside a qualified and experienced leader who is currently working directly with migrants and/or immigrants.

Potential students for the MA in GM&D include:

  1. Individuals committed to full-time work with an organization that focuses on issues related to human migration.
  2. Ministry leaders such as pastors, priests, and lay workers working with immigrants and refugees.
  3. Immigrants and refugees desiring to combine their valuable experiences and work backgrounds to help other immigrants and refugees navigate this often-perilous time in their lives.
  4. International students who have an interest in improving the global human migration status quo.

Join us in prayer for our faculty and staff through the continued development of this program and for the prospective students who will join us in fall 2022. If you would like to give toward the development of programs like this, visit diu.networkforgood.com.


Engaging Diaspora Communities
Podcast featuring Alumnus Trevor Deck and DIU Professor, Dr. Sunny Hong

From the Bible Translation Podcast: “People all over the world are moving away from their language communities to find safety or simply for more opportunities. This diaspora is allowing access to languages that would otherwise be unreachable by outsiders. In this episode, we are talking with Trevor Deck and Sunny Hong about how we can engage the diaspora communities to help with Bible translation … This is one way that we can take advantage of strategic opportunities that are available for successful Bible translation projects around the world.”

To listen to Apple Podcasts, visit tinyurl.com/diasporapodcast. To listen on Android, visit tinyurl.com/diasporapodcastandroid.



In Case You Missed It
Story from DIU Alumna in Cameroon

Tonight, I sat with sickly, older women who have experienced lives of suffering and difficulty and taught them about how one day God will come and dwell among man and will wipe their tears away, making all things new.

“Really?! We thought things would always be like this with no hope for change.”

“No,” I said, “for those who believe in Jesus, the suffering here is but for a moment.”

“Tell us you’ll come teach us more about what God will do in the future tomorrow,” they insisted.

“It would be my pleasure,” I smiled.




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