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North Texas Giving Day Update

Thank you so much to all who gave during North Texas Giving Day in September! Together, we raised over $11,000 for Dallas International University’s ongoing efforts to educate students for cross-cultural work worldwide.

Many thanks also to our Board of Trustees for their support in this effort. Thank you!





New Bachelor of Arts Degree in Scripture and Culture

We are excited to announce our newest undergraduate degree, the Bachelor of Arts in Scripture and Culture. This degree program prepares students for using, teaching, and employing scripture while serving others in a cross-cultural context, either in the US or internationally. It also provides the undergraduate coursework needed for entry into Dallas International University’s specialized graduate degree programs. Minors for this degree program include Cross-Cultural Studies, Linguistics, World Arts, and Islamic Studies.

What’s unique about this degree?

  • We provide courses that are rare in other Bible-based degrees, such as Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, Greco-Roman Religious World, Introduction to Contextualization, World Religions, and Foundations of Translation.
  • We teach five courses in linguistics and culture to prepare students for service across cultural boundaries, both in the US and internationally.
  • Undergraduate students may petition to take the required Greek or Hebrew classes at the graduate level and potentially transfer those into an MA program at DIU.
  • Tuition is affordable at $350 per credit hour. Tuition discounts are available.

Read more about the degree at diu.edu/cis.

If you know of someone who might be interested, spread the word! They can email discover@diu.edu to learn more.

Admissions are rolling year-round, but note the following admissions deadlines:

  • Deadline to apply for Spring 2022 with no late fee: November 17 2021.
  • Deadline to apply for Fall 2022 with no late fee: mid-July 2022.

Thank you for praying for us as we grow and expand our programs to increase our reach. We can’t do this without your prayers and support, and we’re so thankful. To sow a financial seed into our continuing program expansion and other efforts to educate students for eternally-transformative cross-cultural work, visit diu.networkforgood.com today.




Ryan Pennington, Amarillo, Texas

Ryan Pennington, PhD, 2013 graduate from Dallas International University, now manages Refugee Language Project in Amarillo, Texas. They share critical information services, language and literacy programs, and relationship-building opportunities with refugee communities from all around the world. In addition, he shared how their new storytelling project is beginning to impact hearts. Here’s an excerpt about one woman who is helping them share the stories of Karen refugees:

Naw Paw grew up in a peaceful farming village near a river in Myanmar, where her family grew rice and other seasonal foods. She has happy memories of days spent catching frogs and fish in the river for her daily meals. Like many children, she eagerly started school. Unfortunately, her education stopped abruptly in third grade when fighting broke out between the Burmese and Karen armies. This changed the course of her family’s life: the next 20 years were spent taking refuge in the jungle, fleeing from fighting, and spending time in various refugee camps across the border in Thailand. Despite the many sad and violent things Naw Paw has witnessed, she managed to get an education, working hard to finish grade 12 at Noh Bo Academy in Thailand. Naw Paw was not resettled to the US until she was 32 years old, when she came with her husband and two daughters.

After leaving our office, Naw Paw asked her friend Jen about the word brilliant. She had overheard Ryan when he used this word to describe her. “What does it mean?” she asked. Jen told her that it means she is very smart and capable, and that she is special and shines like a star. Naw Paw smiled, writing down the word and its definition in her journal. For someone so desperate to succeed in her education, pushing through every obstacle to learn to read and write in refugee camps strewn about the jungle, Naw Paw was now recognized for her intelligence. What must that feel like, to be praised in this public way for the first time?

To read more of this story and to learn more about Ryan’s work, click here.


Altruicia Bogar, Solomon Islands

You may remember the recent story of Altruicia and Tim, now working in Tim’s Solomon Islands home. Altruicia sent us these pictures via WhatsApp last month. After months of hard work, Altruicia is excited to share that her English and biblical Greek students have completed their first round of exams! This puts them one step closer to becoming effective Bible teachers, and eventually, potential translators of God’s Word into their heart languages. Let’s celebrate this victory with them and pray for all of them as they work diligently and seek to serve God among their people.


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