GIAL Degrees & Programs

MA with Major in Applied Linguistics

The MA with a major in Applied Linguistics is one of the leading programs for minority language Bible translation. Our graduates are prepared to tackle many of the linguistic challenges that face translators and language workers around the world. Concentrations: Bible Translation, Bible Translation & Abrahamic Studies, Bible Translation & ArtsDescriptive Linguistics

MA with Major in Language & Culture Studies

The MA with a major in Language & Culture Studies provides students with the skills needed to fill specialist cross-cultural roles.  Graduates are prepared to facilitate and implement programs for mother-tongue literacy, multilingual education, sociolinguistic research, Scripture engagement, and other community development activities.

MA with a Major in Translation Advising

The MA with a major in Translation Advising prepares students to contribute to the advancement of Bible translation as project facilitators. This program provides instruction in biblical languages and culture, and guides the student through the topics of translation, linguistics, and multicultural issues at both a theoretical and practical level.

PhD in World Arts

The PhD in World Arts prepares students to be teachers and researchers in field of World Arts as they support the local arts of communities around the world and develop activities in training, mentoring, and consulting for communities, organizations, and schools.

MA with Major in World Arts

The MA with a major in World Arts prepares students to work cross-culturally alongside singers, musicians, actors, dancers, storytellers, and visual artists, researching the arts of their community. Concentrations: Applied Arts, Arts & Islam, Arts & Scripture Engagement, Linguistics

Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork

This 12 credit certificate program provides training to help students tackle the cultural barriers that hinder teamwork in a multicultural setting.

Graduate Certificate in Scripture Engagement

The Certificate in Scripture Engagement provides expertise in a particular domain of Scripture Engagement service as well as broad competency in Scripture Engagement. It prepares people to comprehensively understand Scripture Engagement and address the issues that influence the acceptance and use of translated Scriptures.

Graduate Certificate in Tropical Agricultural Development

This one-year (13 credit hour) certificate prepares students to begin a cross-cultural career in the field of International Agricultural Development with primary focus on smallholder farmers.

Certificate in Applied Linguistics

The Certificate in Applied Linguistics is a 27 credit hour program that gives students a strong foundation in language learning and linguistic analysis.  Many graduate students begin their studies at DIU with the certificate program before starting the MA degree.

Programs offered in Partnership with other Universities

Seminary Dual Degree & Cooperative Programs

Several Seminaries offer special programs in partnership with Dallas International University.  Programs vary by institution but most include at least one year of coursework at DIU. Partner Seminaries: Dallas Theological Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, New Saint Andrews College

Undergraduate Cooperative Programs

Several schools partner with DIU to offer specialized programs to their students, such as a minor in linguistics.  While programs vary from school to school, most require at least one semester of courses at DIU. Partner Colleges & Universities: Dallas Baptist University, Johnson University, Mid-Atlantic Christian  University, St. Louis Christian College.