Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork

Certificate Details

The Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork is designed to prepare people to lead, advise and train people from two or more cultures who work together toward a common goal. It is also useful for people who will work with those from other cultures but who will not be in a position of leadership or teaching. In this graduate program, students enrolled in the courses study issues in greater depth, leading to more insight, creativity, and adaptability than in shorter courses in this discipline.

Persons interested in this program should apply for Graduate Admission to DIU.  If previously enrolled at DIU in anything other than “graduate admission status”, you will need to change your admission status. For more information, contact

The goal of this program is to enable students to:

  • Identify key features of a social environment that may affect the values and behavioral expectations different partners bring to a partnership;
  • Explain how people who follow the same religious tradition can have different patterns of partnership depending on their cultural backgrounds;
  • Evaluate their own views on the relationship between their own religious viewpoint and those patterns;
  • Assess their own ways of interacting with others in order to adapt their ways to partner more effectively across cultures;
  • Evaluate cultural styles of leadership and develop a plan for working with a variety of styles;
  • Pass on knowledge and skills needed for working in partnership with those of other cultural backgrounds; and
  • Contribute to the professional literature and ongoing discussions of this topic.


1. Each of the courses in this program requires a previous cultural anthropology course (graduate or upper-level undergraduate) such as AA4370 Cultural Anthropology at Dallas International. The same course can fulfill this requirement for all four courses.

2. In addition, the Leadership and Teamwork courses require either AA4350 Language and Society or its equivalent (or at least 3 years experience working in a different language and culture and the permission of the instructor).

*AA4350 and AA4370 together fulfill the prerequisites for all courses in the Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork.

Certificate Course Requirements (12 credits)

The prescribed curriculum for the Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork consists of these four courses (12 credit hours total):

AA5372 Social and Political Organization explores social and political structures and their cultural variants. These structures provide the underlying mental grid which guides each participant in how a team should accomplish its goals.

AA5374 Christianity Across Cultures explores the different expressions of Christianity in different times, denominations, and ethnic groups. Since the values and expectations Christians bring to a team or partnership are strongly perceived to be derived from their religion, participants must understand this topic in order to work effectively with others.

AA5321 Multicultural Teamwork (online course) analyzes the many ways culture affects teams and partnerships. This course is the centerpiece of the Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork curriculum.

AA5323 Multicultural Leadership explores multicultural team and partnership guidance. Since culture affects expectations and sets limitations on leadership, the course is intended for leaders, advisors, or training team members working in groups.

The Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork is designed to be earned in four months of study. Since the courses build on knowledge gained during the study, students are strongly encouraged to take the courses in the order offered.

Waiver of Courses

This is a one-term certificate which consists of four carefully selected courses. Therefore, it is necessary for students to take all four courses. Since equivalent courses to two of the included courses, AA5372 Social and Political Organization and AA5374 Christianity Across Cultures, may be taught at other graduate institutions, it is possible for these to be transferred in by the normal transfer process thereby counting toward the Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork. Equivalent courses are not acceptable for AA5321 Multicultural Teamwork (online course) or AA5323 Multicultural Leadership.