MA with a Major in Translation Advising

Degree Details

The Master of Arts in Translation Advising (MA-TA) is a degree that provides individuals with knowledge and skills to contribute to the advancement of Bible translation as project facilitators. The MA-TA degree provides instruction in biblical languages and culture, and guides the student through the topics of translation, linguistics, and multicultural issues at both a theoretical and practical level. The program capstone project is a comprehensive exam where the student must demonstrate their ability to meet the program learning outcomes.



Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MA with a major in Translation Advising, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an intermediate competency in Greek or Hebrew exegesis and hermeneutics.
  • Apply exegetical and hermeneutical methods to a source language text in order to translate into a target language.
  • Identify and apply appropriate interpersonal skills within a multicultural team context.
  • Apply adult learning principles in informal contexts.
  • Recommend solutions to translation problems consistent with translation theory and praxis.

The MA-TA consists of 36 graduate credit hours that focus on Biblical Languages, Translation, Biblical and Culture Studies, and Linguistics. Two (source) language tracks are offered, Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew. A passing score on a Comprehensive Exam is required to successfully complete the program.

Persons interested in this program should apply for Graduate Admission to DIU. If previously enrolled at Dallas International in anything other than “graduate admission status”, you will need to change your admission status. For more information, contact


Prior to admission to the MA with a major in Translation Advising program, students are required to take AA4350 Language and Society and achieve a satisfactory score on a Greek or Hebrew entrance exam given by the Applied Linguistics Department.

*Students may petition to waive these prerequisite requirements if they have taken equivalent courses elsewhere.  Courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.


Biblical Languages Courses Hours
AL5324 Greek Textual Analysis OR
AL5325 Hebrew Textual Analysis
AL5323 Greek Discourse Features OR
AL5328 Hebrew Discourse Features
Total Biblical Language hours 6
Biblical and Cultural Studies Courses Hours
AL5319 Biblical Backgrounds OR
AC5306 Greek Scriptures in the First Century Context OR
AC5305 Historiography of the Hebrew Canon
AA5321-OL Multicultural Teamwork 3
Total Biblical and Cultural Studies hours 6
Linguistics Courses Hours
AL5301 Morphosyntax 3
AL5315 Semantics and Pragmatics OR
AL5311 Relevance Theory
AL5312 Discourse Analysis 3
Total Linguistics hours 9
Applied Translation Courses Hours
AL5308 Oral Translation 3
AA5355-OL Scripture Engagement Strategy and Methods 3
Total Applied Translation hours 6
Capstone: Comprehensive Evaluation of Program Learning Outcomes  
Total MA-TA hours 36