Monolingual Demonstration

The monolingual method has the linguist working with a native speaker of an exotic language to learn words in the speaker’s language, analyze sounds and structures, and demonstrate what a field linguist would do if he were in a place with no translator at all. This method was developed by Kenneth Pike, renowned linguist, poet, and professor, and it utilizes skills taught in the Certificate in Applied Linguistics program at Dallas International University.

Monolingual Demonstration Request

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    Note: Language learning demonstrations work best if the language is new and unfamiliar to the linguist. Languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, or German should be avoided.

    What equipment will we need for a monolingual demo?

    You'll need a full-size whiteboard and markers to write down what is spoken, a few chairs and a small table, a foreign language speaker (if you are providing the language speaker), and an audience excited to learn about other languages and cultures!

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