CIS Degrees & Programs

BA with Major in International Service

The BA degree with a major in International Service prepares students for cross-cultural or international service. Students choose one of four minors and/or certificates: Cross-cultural Studies, Abrahamic Studies, Linguistics, or World Arts (see descriptions below).

BA with Major in Scripture and Culture

The BA degree with a major in Scripture and Culture provides students with foundational training in Scripture’s cultural background, original languages, and interpretation, and prepares students to use that education in cross-cultural service in their home country or elsewhere. Students choose one of four minors: Cross-cultural Studies, Islamic Studies, Linguistics, or World Arts. (see descriptions below).

BA Minors

Cross-Cultural Studies

Complete your BA with a Major in International Service with the minor in Cross-cultural Studies. Students will learn to communicate, evaluate global issues, and understand cultural distinctives across language and culture barriers.

Abrahamic Studies

Discover the Abrahamic worlds of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Learn about Judaic, Christian, and Islamic cultures, history, and religions and creative strategies for bridging differences between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Courses offered in partnership with the Abraham Center. (This minor is only available to students completing the BA with a major in International Service.)

World Arts

Prepare to work alongside singers, musicians, dancers, storytellers, and visual artists to spark creative community development.  Courses offered in partnership with the Center for Excellence in World Arts.


Thrive in your international career by developing language learning skills through our training in applied linguistics. Courses offered in partnership with the Applied Linguistics department of Dallas International University.