BA with a Major in International Service

About this Degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in International Service (BA-IS) equips students with the basic skills and attitudes needed for entry level service to others across language and culture barriers.  In addition to the core requirements for the degree, students have a choice between 4 different minors depending on their area of interest: Cross-Cultural Studies, Abrahamic Studies, Linguistics, or World Arts. For more information, contact

Upon completion of this degree students will:

  1. Have skills for success in self-directed language and culture learning.
  2. Have at least a novice proficiency in a non-Indo-European language.
  3. Be able to apply independent analysis and critical thinking skills especially to the challenges of international service.
  4. Have a knowledge of the skills and attitudes necessary to serve across cultural boundaries.
  5. Be able to effectively and properly communicate ideas and concepts in both oral and written forms.
  6. Understand the ingredients of a ‘worldview’ and have begun developing a personal worldview integrating religious faith, intellectual curiosity, global awareness, and an attitude of service.

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Degree Overview

BA-IS Curriculum Overview Hours
General Education Requirements Level 1 and Level 2 30 ush
Major Requirements  
    Level 1 through Level 4 (electives) 21 ush
    Level 3 and Level 4 (required courses) 51 ush
Minor requirements  18/19 ush
Total hours 120/121 ush*

*Students completing the linguistics minor (19 hours) will take 122 total hours for the degree. Students are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 72 hours of general education for all required Level 1 and Level 2 courses for the BA degree.

General Education Requirements

Level 1 and Level 2 course requirements are 30 total hours with a minimum of two (2) courses (6 ush) in each of the five (5) general education categories. Visit the CIS General Education Categories page for more information. At Least
1.     Communication and Creative Arts 6
2.     Language and Cross-Cultural Studies 6
3.     History, Philosophy, and Religion 6
4.     Social Institutions and Behavior 6
5.     Science and Mathematics 6
  30 ush


Major Requirements

BA-IS Required Major Courses (Level 3 & Level 4 requirements)

Foreign Language (Arabic 1, 2, Colloquial Arabic or Chinese 1, 2 & 3) 9 ush
IS3311 Research Writing 3 ush
IS3317 World Religions 3 ush
IS3325 Introduction to Contextualization 3 ush
IS3351 Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Service 3 ush
IS4320-OL Cross-Cultural Practicum 3 ush
IS4361 Cross-Cultural Communication 3 ush
AA4305 Second Language and Culture Acquisition 3 ush
AA4321 Dynamics of Multicultural Teamwork 3 ush
AA4350 Language and Society 3 ush
AA4370 Cultural Anthropology 3 ush
AA4372 Political and Social Systems 3 ush
AC4305 Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures 3 ush
AC4306 Introduction to the Greek Scriptures 3 ush
AL4304 Introduction to Language Structure
(Linguistics minors replace this course with an elective at the 3xxx or 4xxx level within their coursework for the major.)
3 ush
(48 ush for linguistics minor; 51 ush for other minors) 48/51 ush


Students choose electives that total a minimum of 24/21 ush from Level 1 through Level 4 courses.

Minor Requirements

The following are the requirements for the Cross-Cultural Studies minor.

Course Hours
IS3364 Theory and Reality of Development 3 ush
AA4357 Genres of Oral Tradition 3 ush
AA4387 Training in Cross-Cultural Contexts 3 ush
AC4322 Storytelling in Abrahamic Communities 3 ush
WA4382 Survey of World Arts 3 ush
(Cross-Cultural Studies minors choose an elective at the 3xxx or 4xxx level as the sixth course for their minor.)
3 ush
Total hours for the Cross-Cultural Studies minor  18 ush

The following are the requirements for the Linguistics minor. Please note that linguistics minor students will not take AL4304 Introduction to Language Structure (3 credit hours) from the degree core but will take an additional elective instead.

Course Hours
AL4302 Principles of Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics 3 ush
AL4303 Principles of Phonological Analysis 3 ush
AL4410 Principles of Grammatical Analysis 4 ush
AL4406 Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis or AL5406 Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis 4 ush
AL4207 Field Data Management or AL5207 Field Data Management 2 ush
IS3361 Introduction to Historical Linguistics 3 ush
Total hours for the Linguistics minor  19 ush

The following are the requirements for the World Arts minor.

Course Hours
WA2381 Arts for a Better Future 3 ush
WA3380 Introduction to Ethnodoxology 3 ush
WA3386 World Arts Practicum 3 ush
WA4382 Survey of World Arts 3 ush
WA4387 Area Studies for World Arts 3 ush
Plus one from the following two options:
AA4357 Genres of Oral Tradition
WA3350-IN Conference Course on World Arts
3 ush
Total hours for the World Arts minor  18 ush

The following are the requirements for the Abrahamic Studies minor.

Course Hours
AC3305 Foundations of Torah 3 ush
IS4312 Ancient Near-Eastern Civilizations 3 ush
AC4310 Introduction to Islam 3 ush
AC4311-OL Communication and Service in Muslim Contexts 3 ush
AC4322 Abrahamic Shared Stories 3 ush
IS4309 Hermeneutics 3 ush
Total hours for the Abrahamic Studies minor  18 ush


If you are planning to minor in Abrahamic studies, you may also consider the following option for an accelerated Master’s degree:

Accelerated BA/MA in Abrahamic Studies (BA-IS / MA-AS)

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in International Service and minor in Abrahamic Studies, plus a Master of Arts degree with a major in Abrahamic Studies, can both be earned in five years of study. The Accelerated BA/MA is a 151-credit program which includes 9 credits that are counted both at the undergrad level and then again at the graduate level (dual-credit). When the student begins the MA portion of this degree program, they have only 21 credit hours of study remaining.