Graduate Certificate in World Arts

Certificate Details

The Graduate Certificate in World Arts (CWA) is designed for students who are interested in becoming arts specialists but don’t need a full MA. The program comprises seven 3-credit-hour courses—four required and three elective—for a total of 21 graduate credit hours. All courses are available in either online (OL) or synchronous (SL) formats. They do not require being on the DIU campus, except for intensive (IN) courses, which meet on campus for 1–2 weeks.

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Prerequisites & Program Details

People interested in this program should apply for Graduate Admission at Dallas International University. If previously enrolled at DIU in anything other than “graduate admission status,” you will need to change your admission status.

  • AA4370 Cultural Anthropology is a prerequisite to Certificate core courses (except for WA5381).
  • Non-PhD students may register for 6000-level courses only by permission of instructor.
  • Although a comprehensive exam or thesis is not required, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for courses counted toward the certificate.
  • Former students with some courses already completed must submit an approved IPS for the CWA and take at least one more course after that to receive the 21-credit hour certificate.

Core Course Requirements (12 credits)

WA5339 Research Methods for World Arts (Fall) – In this course, students will investigate, describe, and interact with the people and processes involved in a community’s creativity and performance. 

WA5381 Arts for a Better Future (May-Ext) – In this grad-level course, students will learn to help a community recognize, value, and plan to use its own arts to meet local needs and goals. The course provides a compact overview of the Create Local Arts Together (CLAT) model of community engagement. 

WA5382 Applied Arts (Fall) – This course prepares students to work with a local community to catalyze the creation of new vernacular Scripture-based and community-development messages in indigenous forms of artistic communication. 

WA5384 Expressive Form Analysis (Fall) – This course trains students to perform initial structural analysis of musical, verbal, dramatic, dance, and visual features of an ethnolinguistic community’s artistic genres.

Elective Courses (9 credits)

Choose three from among the following options:

  • WA6370 Multidisciplinary Perspectives on World Arts (Fall)
  • WA6380 Advanced Theory of Ethnodoxology (OR) WA5380 (May-Ext)
  • WA6390 Research and Communication for World Arts (Spr)
  • WA5389 Advanced Form Analysis (Spr)
  • WA5383 Arts and Trauma Healing (Spr: UK / Sum: Dallas)
  • WA5386 Directed Practicum in World Arts (Fall/Spr)