Student Theses

DIU students culminate the course of study for a masters degree by taking comprehensive examinations or writing a thesis. This is a list of the theses presented by DIU students:


Penney, Jason
A Typological Examination of Pluractionality in the Biblical Hebrew Piel

Hutchens, Christopher
Hurrian Phonemic Inventory and Syllable Structure


Baumunk, Adrianne
Language Development Cluster Projects: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Jamison, Rachel
The Enclitic =da and the Marking of Indicative and Subjunctive Mood in Yazghulami
Lee, Matthew
Prestige: Mobilizing an Orally Annotated Language Documentation Corpus
Puterbaugh, Kimberly
The Shelter Script and Other Related Scripts in the Psalms


Beebe Wells, Kim
An Analysis of the Natqgu [ntu] Banana Fiber Weaving Myth: Versions Reconciled and Worldview Explored
Fiddler, Kendra
Annunciations to Maryam in the Qur’ān: Jewish-Christian Subtexts, Milieu, and Typology
Harris, Holly
To Serve Life, Not Death: An Exploration of the Artistry and Philosophies of Horizon Zero Dawn
Kusler, Jessica
I am My Beloved’s: Exploring Missionary Women’s Perception of God, Self, and Worth
Neterer, Michael
Somali Jiiddu Language Development: A Seventy-Year Journey, 1951-2021


Chan, Desmond
A Comprehensive Analysis of Psalm 137, A Communal Lament
Harro, Gretchen
Yemba Laments: Analyzing a Burial Lament with an Eye to Bible Translation
Lam, Esther
An Evidence-Based Sociolinguistic Profile of Early Roman Israel
Mercado, Megan Sutton
An Open Book: Creating Instructional Materials in Non-Dominant Languages
Toler, Kristofer
Internalization: A Key Ingredient in Achieving Naturalness in an Oral Translation


Lord, Maria
Talmou Songs of The Pouye of Papua New Guinea: Stable and Malleable Properties of a Single-Melody Genre
Carter, John (Jed)
Developing SE Research: Building on the Methodology of SURAM
Cheung, Yuen Wah
Discourse Features: Rendering a Greek Luke Narrative Text into ꞌBëlï
DeWitt, Stephanie
Language Choice Among the Havu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Comparing Two Speech Communities – an Urban Center and an Isolated Island
Miller, Steven
Participant Reference in Edolo, A Trans-New Guinea Language

Hare, David M.
Tense in Kwakum Narrative Discourse
Hare, Stacey A.
Tone in Kwakum (A91) with an application to orthography
Kim, Joy Hyunsook
Diaspora Musicians and Creative Collaboration in a Multicultural Community: A Case Study in Ethnodoxology
Nelson, Hannah Victoria
Straight from the Pot: Cuisine and Power in West Africa and in the Epic of Sunjata
SanGregory, Erin Christine
Differential Subject Marking in Wakhi
Smith, Meaghan E.
Noun modification in Suri narrative texts
Tuinstra, Anna G.
Revising the Ipulo Orthography: Linguistic analysis with an emphasis on tone marking

Baldwin, Kyria Lindsey
The Implications of Motivation for Adult Local Language Literacy Efforts in Senegal

Germain, Julie Sue Rhonda
Releasing the Legion: Biblical Performance Criticism and Bible Translation of Mark 5:1-20
James, Jeremiah Joy
Central Sinama Voice: A Symmetrical Analysis
Nurhidayah, Wa Ode Nahla
A Religious Conflict in Indonesia: A Case Study of Maluku

Grasso, Kevin
A Semantic Analysis of the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System in Prophetic Literature

Walters, Josiah K.
A Grammar Sketch of Dazaga

Costello, Rachael A.
Aspect and Mood in Jicaltepec Mixtec
Donet, Charles M.
The Importance of Verb Salience in the Followability of Lezgi Oral Narratives
Glennon, John J.
Syntactic Ergativity in Nehan
Pluger, Christopher J.
Translating New Testament proverb-like sayings in the style of Nsenga proverbs
Yoder, Zachariah A.
The Reliability of Recorded Text Test Scores


Pennington, Ryan
Ma Manda Phonology
Sackett, Kathleen
Developing a Linguistically-Informed Community-Based Orthography with the Tsakhur in Azerbaijan

Ashley, Karen C.
Semantics of Sa’a Transitive Suffixes and Thematic Consonants
Graves, Lydia Ruth
Does Speaking Proficiency Predict Biblical Reading Comprehension? A Study among L2 Swahili Speakers in Tanzania
Lovestrand, Joseph
The Linguistic Structure of Baraïn (Chadic)
Magin, Edward Harry, Jr.
Northern Kurdish Poetic Features with an Application to Translation
McLaughlin, Carey Elizabeth
A Salience Scheme for Hmong Soud: Types of Foreground and Background Information in Narrative Discourse
Melick, Christina M.
Tone in the Mbelime Verb System
Pate, David R.
Second Position Clitics and Subordinate tfe Clauses in Pashto
Unseth, Carla
A Review of Basic Oral Language Documentation (BOLD) Methodology Based on a Phonological Sketch of Laari
Wood, Joyce K.
Valence-increasing Strategies in Urim Syntax

Lee, Sung-Woo
Eastern Tamang Grammar Sketch
Kim, Young Mee
Development of a National Literacy Assessment Instrument for Cross-linguistic Use in Nepal
Nicoleti, Elizabeth
Substrate influence on body-part idioms in Crioulo of Guinea-Bissau

Augustin, Maryanne
Selected Features of Syntax and Information Structure in Lika
Chang, Debbie
TAPS: Checklist for Responsible Archiving of Digital Language Resources
Little, Christopher C
The Wordhood and Structure of Particle Verbs in German
Merrifield, Judith Thomas
Yao’an Lolo Grammar Sketch
Pehrson, Benjamin
Mitigation and Intensification of Persuasive Discourse in a Koine Greek Letter: Coherent Macrostructure in the Letter of James
Stone, Roger
An Automated Template Approach to Morphology and Syntax Description for Ayta Abellen (using FLEx and PAWS)

Bell, Evan Robert
The Wisdom of Tajiks: An analysis of Tajik Proverbs
Jordan, Linda Christine
A study of Shara and Related Ometo Speech Varieties of Ethiopia
Wright, Jonathan Michael
Hkongso Grammar Sketch

Bequette, Rebecca Lee Elaine
Participant Reference, Deixis, and Anaphora in Bunong Narrative Discourse
Chiong Jr, Democrito Diez
Development of a Vibrant Negrito Christian Community in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines: A Holistic Approach
Federwitz, David M.
Local Ownership in a Language Development Program: Will it Lead to Sustainable Use of Scripture?
McEvoy, Steve
Grammar of Narrative Discourse in Migabac, a Papuan (non-Austronesian) Language
Stapleton, Erik John
The Ncfe New Testament: Demonstrating the Need for a New Translation


Griffis, Michael Paul
An Examination of Criteria for the Allocation of Human Resources to Missiological and Language Development Projects
Hatcher, R.Timothy
Towards Culturally Appropriate Adult Education Methodologies for the Central Asian Context, A Comparison of Central Asian and Western Education Practices
Isaac, Kendall Mark
Participant Reference in Tunen Narrative Discourse
Keating, Cristine
A Cross-Linguistic Overview of Bilabial Trills
Matthews, Thomas G.
Implicit Information in Target Language Context
Thar, Robert
Juxtaposed Sequential Images with Text: A Comparative Study in Comprehension between Comics and Text
Thomas, Amanda
“Walk in the Light of the Lord”: the conceptual metaphor LIFE IS A JOURNEY in preexilic prophetic writings

Harris, Petrina A.
Someone Feels Something Good: A Natural Semantic Metalanguage Approach to Defining Burmese Positive Emotions
Johnson, Joel A.
Diffusion of Innovation: Introducing Mother Tongue Literacy
Rueck, Michael J.
Social Network Analysis Applied to Language Planning in the Morehead District, Papua New Guinea
Shreve, Mark D.
The Cognitive Implications of Literacy Acquisition
Troolin, David Eric
Conceptual Blending in Millennial Movements: An Application of Conceptual Blending Theory to Case Studies in Papua New Guinea and Israel

Chamberlain, Bradford Lynn
The Kengkha Orthography: Developing a Language in Tibetan Scriptal Environment
Dennis, Margaret Lynn
Issues in Old Testament Translation in Latin America Addressing the Bible Background Deficit
Megahan, Michael Larry
An Informal Grammar Sketch of Samburu, Including a Description of Some Narrative Discourse Features
Reutter, Amy
A Semantic Structure Analysis of the Higher Levels of Hosea
Young, Harlan W.
A Textlinguistic Approach to Exegesis of Genesis 1:1-2:4

Boulden, Laura E.
An Application of Conceptual Framework Theory to Inter-language Issues in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
Chen, Christina Lynn
The CREATE Method: Participatory Literacy for Adult Learners
Fine, Cathryn
Extendibility on Bouyei Orthography Design: a Multilectual Approach
Heise, Jennifer Lynn
Participant Reference and Tracking in San Francisco Ozolotepec Zapotec
Huttar, Lars Andrew
Constituent Charting for Discourse Analysis: Information Model and Presentation Model

Albright, Eric Scott
Design of an Electronic Method for Describing Writing Systems
Lackey, Jan Louise
Determining Key Factors Affecting Scripture Use