Course Schedule

Current and upcoming course schedules are available in PDF format.  Click on a schedule to view the instructors, class times, sessions, and dates for all courses offered during that term.

2022 Year-term Course Schedule (June 2022-June 2023)
Last Modified: 05-25-2022 01:10 pm

Fall 2022 Course Schedule (August-December)
Last Modified: 09-12-2022 10:59 am

Spring 2023 Course Schedule (January-June)
Last Modified: 09-26-2022 02:48 pm

Final Exams and Projects Schedule

View the upcoming Final Exams and Projects Schedule below.

Fall 2022 Final Exams and Projects Schedule
Last Modified: 09-01-2022 11:01 am

Time Zones

All DIU Course times are specified in terms of local Dallas, Texas time. DIU is on:

CDT from Mar. 13 – Nov. 5, 2022
CST from Nov. 6, 2022 – Mar. 11, 2023
CDT from Mar. 12 – Nov. 4, 2023

UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) = GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) = Zulu Time
UTC does not change for daylight savings time
CDT (Central Daylight Time) = UTC – 5 hours
CST (Central Standard Time) = UTC – 6 hours

The DIU Schedule

For specific dates, please check the Academic Calendar.

Fall Term (16 weeks) 4th Mon. in Aug. – 3rd Fri. in Dec.
Spring Term (16 weeks) 2nd Wed. in Jan. (after Jan. 1) – 1st Thur. in May
May Term (4 weeks) 1st Fri. in May (after May 1) – 1st Fri. in Jun.
May-Extended Term (13 weeks) 1st Fri. in May (after May 1) – 1st Fri. in Aug.
Summer Term (9 weeks) 1st Mon. in Jun. (after Jun. 1) – 1st Fri. in Aug.



Frequently Asked Questions

How many terms are offered in an academic year?

There are two regular TERMS (16 weeks) offered in Fall and Spring.  The Fall term begins in late August and ends in mid-December. The Spring term begins in January and ends in early May.

Also, there are three shorter terms offered in May (4-week intensive courses), Summer (9 weeks—June to August), and May-Extended (13 weeks-limited course offerings).

When do my classes start?

Specific start dates vary by program so be sure to check the Course Schedule.