Course Schedule

Current and upcoming course schedules are available in PDF format.  Click on a schedule to view the instructors, class times, sessions, and dates for all courses offered during that term.

2022 Year-term Course Schedule (May 2022-May 2023)
Last Modified: 05-25-2022 01:10 pm

Spring 2023 Course Schedule (January-June)
Last Modified: 01-27-2023 10:58 am

May-Extended 2023 Course Schedule (May-August)
Last Modified: 11-22-2022 10:55 am

Fall 2023 Course Schedule (August-December)
Last Modified: 01-23-2023 02:04 pm

Summer 2023 Course Schedule (June-August)
Last Modified: 02-01-2023 03:22 pm

Final Exams and Projects Schedule

View the upcoming Final Exams and Projects Schedule below.

Spring 2023 Final Exams and Projects Schedule
Last Modified: 01-18-2023 01:46 pm

Time Zones

All DIU Course times are specified in terms of local Dallas, Texas time. DIU is on:

CST from Nov. 6, 2022 – Mar. 11, 2023
CDT from Mar. 12 – Nov. 4, 2023

UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) = GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) = Zulu Time
UTC does not change for daylight savings time
CDT (Central Daylight Time) = UTC – 5 hours
CST (Central Standard Time) = UTC – 6 hours

DIU Term Schedules

DIU has five different terms:

Fall term – runs from late August through mid December and is 16 weeks long
Spring term – runs from early to mid January through early May and is 16 weeks long
May-Extended term – runs from mid May to Mid August and is 13 weeks long
Year-term runs from the start of the May-Extended term in mid May to the end of the Spring term in early May – nearly an entire year.
Summer term runs from early June to early August – and is 9 weeks long


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I register for courses for a given term?

Even if a course is offered in a particular term, if it has an insufficient number of students registered by two weeks prior to the start of a term, it may be cancelled.

Students are encourage to register for courses as early as possible. If you wait too long, a course could be cancelled that your registration might have enabled the course to make. Whether or not a course makes is decided about two weeks before the first day of classes of a new term).

Registration for the Spring term opens September 1.

Registration for the May-Extended, Year-term, Summer, and Fall terms opens March 1.

What courses are offered in the different terms?

Most DIU courses are offered in either the Fall or Spring terms (with a few courses offered in both). But the other three terms offer a very limited number of courses.

May-Extended term is mainly for Intensive courses offered by CEWA (World Arts department) and CIS (the undergraduate College of International Studies).

Year-term is currently only for students taking the CTD (Certificate in Tropical Agriculture Development) courses taught in person at the ECHO research farm campus in Florida.

Summer term varies in the courses it offers, and overlaps with the longer May-Extended term.

DIU does not publish a single comprehensive full-academic-year PDF schedule of courses for all of our terms. But see the “Academic Calendar” section of the catalog, and the “Typical Course Offerings By Term” section that immediately follows it. Also see the Course Listing section of the catalog to see when any particular course is likely to be offered.

Be aware that DIU is not always able to offer a course in the term that the catalog says it is typically offered, so always consult the course schedule for a specific term to see if it is offered.

When do my classes start?

Specific start dates vary from term to term, so be sure to check the Course Schedule for the specific term.