AbC Financial Aid Opportunities

Master of Arts in Abrahamic Studies 40% Discount

All students admitted to the Master of Arts in Abrahamic Studies program who submit an approved Intended Plan of Study (IPS) during the 2020-21 academic years will receive a $200 per credit hour discount (equivalent to a 40% discount at the 2020-2021 tuition rate) for their IPS courses within the Abraham Center department between now and June 2022 towards their MA(AS) degree. 

This discount is not retroactive, nor will it apply to courses taken towards the MA(AS) degree outside of the Abraham Center department.  This discount is in addition to any scholarships or other financial aid the student may qualify for, up to a maximum 50% of the standard tuition rate for any academic year.


International Student 50% Discount (Distance Education)

For international students (who do not hold a US or Canadian passport or residency permit), we will offer a 50% tuition discount for Abraham Center Distance Education courses, whether Synchronous Learning (SL) or Online (OL).  Students will need to be admitted to the school and pay all regular fees. Discount is limited to 10 students in any Abraham Center course. Students receiving this discount are not eligible for other scholarships or discounts from Dallas Int’l.